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after attaining a masters degree in luxury accessories design at istituto marangoni; shewak interned at roberto cavalli as an assistant accessories designer and later independently founded

shewak designs (2020), a creative studio that aims to launch exclusive limited edition projects in various fields, mainly: fashion and art. 

venturing onto endswithNS (2022); a magma rtw brand where he materializes organized chaos into commonplace variables since now. built on the timeless notions of deviance and unnatural state of natural concepts.

a recent collaboration with an emirati celebrity (thedivadee); shewak is the co-founder and creative director of the brand named DEEsigNS; a luxury powerhouse born in dubai focused on heels (reflections collection from shewak designs)

all the inspirations are an amalgamation of shewak's experiences, fusing external world alongside an eye to integrate conceptual designs and some wit. here, we do not identify with any nationality or age, instead we only wish to show the world our creations.

thank you and have a good now.

shewak designs endswithNS logo line -08.jpg


shewak designs endswithNS logo line -07.jpg

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have a good now

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